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My journey began in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region's vibrant landscapes and carried me to Canada's welcoming shores. With my family by my side and dreams illuminating my path, this adventure is a tale of strength, change, and unwavering determination.


Upon arriving in Canada, I initially felt adrift, like a sailor facing the vast sea of uncertainty, encountering moments of early sadness. Let me share some reasons: My journey has been extraordinary—I served as a leader, coach, and energetic women entrepreneur in MENA. In 2010, my husband and I founded "Team In Motion," a place dedicated to nurturing teams, coaching, and training, built with love and care, always with an eye on the legacy we wanted to leave behind.


Life, however, took a significant turn. Moving to a place where I was a stranger, needing to prove myself anew, and seemingly starting from scratch, despite my vast experience and knowledge, presented its own challenges.

This Big thing that happened reshaped my personal and work life, needing me to create new ways and be able to drive this sustainable change skillfully. So now what? How to highlight this powerful mark and showcase that our differences are not weaknesses but strengths, guiding us to grow and begin anew.


With this newfound purpose, in the backdrop of Canada,  "Fingerprint Leadership," was born, a natural evolution of "Team in Motion," focused on highlighting the distinctiveness of leaders and teams, empowering them to thrive amidst change. It unites individuals, teams, and groups to excel even in the face of uncertainty and complexity.


So,  the mission that started years ago, is now taking on a fresh form.


"Fingerprint Leadership" will be partnering with you, your leaders, and your teams, creating indelible marks that will be remembered—a special narrative that contributes to changing the world for the better.

We will be helping you find your unique prints and navigate the change skillfully whilst meeting you and your team where you are.

Our uniqueness has the power to accomplish great things and inspire others.



We, firmly believe that everything unfolds with purpose, and there are no coincidences in life, only destinies waiting to be fulfilled. Let's make it happen and aim for the best that is yet to come!

Roula's Bio

June 2022- Recognized among the Top 15 coaches in Ottawa


Year 2013- Recognized among the Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs in the MENA region

Roula is a skilled and accomplished professional who specializes in coaching, training, mentoring, and assessing. She is passionate about supporting leaders and teams through lasting change, helping them succeed in dynamic business environments. 


With over 25 years of experience, Roula has held managerial roles in various sectors, gaining valuable insights into managing change, resolving conflicts, and enhancing communication. 


Her coaching style prioritizes meeting the client where they are, being active in listening and effective communication, and fostering strong connections with clients. She tailors her guidance to each individual's needs, unlocking the hidden potential for personal growth. 


As a Front of the Room Leader (FORL) at CRR Global USA, and mentor coach at Canada Coach Academy(CCA)  Roula shapes future coaches, equipping them to support transformative change. She is also part of the Humance's team as a coach and leadership development and a Head coach at Montreal Inc.   Her dedication and contributions inspire global growth and positive change. 


Roula upholds the highest coaching standards as :

-  Organizational and Systemic Certified Coach (ORSCC) 

- Advanced Certification In Team Coaching (ACTC) issued by ICF 

-  Professional Certified Coach (PCC), recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

-  Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) which is approved by "The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming"

- Time Line Therapy Practitioner (TLT) approved by " Time Line Therapy Association"

- Hypnosis Certificate approved by " The American Board of Hypnotherapy". 

- SuccessFinder Certification - Behavioral Assessment Tool


She coaches in English, French, and Arabic


With a master's degree in industrial & commercial business administration, Roula provides valuable insights and strategic guidance.  


She's deeply committed to community service, she is a member of the "Thought Leadership Institute" (TLI) at ICF Global and has led the ICF Chapter Lebanon and served as an ambassador for the Female Wave of Change (FWOC) in the MENA region and is deeply active in the community as a Vice Chair to the council at All Saints High School OSCB-  Ottawa. 


Roula's dedication to empowerment extends to her TV show, "If You Want...," inspiring personal growth and encouraging individuals to embrace their potential. She also actively contributes to positive change as a board member at the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI LAA).

Team Coaching Certificate based on Relationships Systems Intelligence

Professional Certified Coach Accreditation from International Coaching Federation

Member at the International Coaching Federation, Global body for coaches  

All my certificates and diplomas are recognized by WES which is the International Academic Qualifications in North America

Behavioral Assessment for Leadership Growth

Advanced Certification in Team Coaching issued by ICF (International Coaching Federation)

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