Testimonial as an Executive / Team Coach


Dear Roula,


Several months have passed since my coaching journey started under your guidance. I truly believe that these very short sessions over the past few months have opened a whole new world of human interaction that intrigues me to adopt Positive Intelligence as a way of life. 

Your positive mindset, patience, and perseverance aided me in being transparent about my inner fears. The journey helped me clearly categorize my core values and be proud of identifying these values as my guiding principles. 

The Executive journey was helpful in acknowledging my inner Saboteurs which is the first step in diminishing their powers while strengthening my Sage and increasing my Positive Intelligence.

I learned the four stages of competence which will assist me in the continuous cycle of shifting from Unconscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence without spending much time through Conscious Incompetence. Acknowledging my incompetencies in certain skills and shifting to consciously acquiring these skills is something that I will never forget thanks to your support.

I recommend that Executives from different fields go through this journey with Roula Eid even if they believe that they already know everything as the journey will surely help in their personal growth which will create a positive shift in their workplace and personal environment.

Your style and method of coaching are friendly and help stubborn professionals put down their defenses to a discrete and respectable Executive Coach who is a very good listener.


Thank you, Roula for a more than satisfactory Executive Coaching Journey. Hope to meet soon to update you on the developments of Positive Mindset behavior. RD- Group Manager Coast Control- International Company



Coaching us as a team helped us to get closer despite that we are miles apart. You helped us create a safe space that allows us to be more open with each other. We can better know what to expect from each other and how to deal with each one based on his/her character and interests. You helped us be aware of our key strengths, as an individual and as a team, and this will play an important role every time we have teamwork or a specific mission/task. Further, your light presence, understanding, and openness empowered humor and positive vibes in each session that were much needed amidst our work pressure. Thank you for diving into this beautiful journey with us!RMM - Business Development Engineer



I had the privilege to collaborate with Roula during an advanced systems coaching (ORSC) course, and appreciate and admire the team & relationship coaching skills that she demonstrated there. I would highly recommend her for any team, systems & relationship coaching. JONAS BERENDS- Agile Coach



I had the chance to go through an executive coaching journey with Roula, during which I saw how important her method and direction might be to anybody seeking to advance in his profession, become a more effective leader, and achieve more success in his life and work path. The expertise, information, and compelling questions that assisted me in reflecting deeper and finding my own answer made a huge impact and resulted in a significant shift. 
I strongly advise leaders to go on a coaching path with her. Julien Chahine- Area HR Manager- NigerCAT


I've been fortunate to know Roula personally and professionally in the past years. She possesses significant skills in team building activities, and business operations. Her impressive track record of success in team building activities is no surprise to anyone that has worked with her, and she would be a significant asset to any organization. JIMMY FRANGIEH-Managing Director Laminin Events


Enjoyed getting to know Roula more recently when she did a team coaching session for the executive team at C.A.T. Roula's approach, style and as importantly her smile during the team coaching session made sure everyone is comfortable throughout the exercises she had prepared for us which resulted in great discussions, a good team coaching session and a great team building. Thank you Roula. JOSEPH GEBARA- Group CEO C.A.T


Roula is a great coach and counsellor; she has deep insights in people's emotions, knows when to speak and when to be silent, she is generous to share her expertise and warm hearted to the ones around her, resilient in life too. I have greatly enjoyed working with Roula in our Female Wave of Change leadership program. RENEE VAN DER BURG-Global HR Leader- Amsterdam


Roula is one of these persons that comes into our lives and makes a huge impact. Her positivity, determination and high level of commitment to all that she does are some of the qualities that inspire us to keep going. Her drive for change and implement leadership and coaching culture are values that make Roula accountable for all that she does. It's been a pleasure working with Roula and I highly recommend her to create those win-win relationships in your life and organization. Thank you Roula. Keep thriving! ADRIANA MEYER-Business Psychologist


Positive, proactive and resilient. She is one of the few who gets you out of your comfort zone and to hone your skills and give better results. JOYCE KARAM- Direct Sales Team Leader- Toronto-


Roula's input is always a genuine inspiration to my team. She is an expert in analyzing the real challenges and delivers custom-made solutions that quickly and simply become winning formulas. Roula finds her energy in her purely positive attitude and she naturally spreads this energy all around her. Her lovely spontaneous smile says it all :) IMAD ASSI- International Sales Manager- Kettencbach GmbH &CO- MENA



"Dès la première rencontre, de bien établir les objectifs.  La qualité des questions, la démarche et l’importance d’être bien préparé à chacune des rencontres.   le plus impactant dans mon learning C’est d’améliorer ma vision stratégique.

 La mise en place du contrat s’est fait dans une main de velours tout en ayant une volonté très claire d’atteindre de haut niveaux de performance.  On est pas à la petite école avec toi.  Les questions sont claires, précises, adaptées totalement au contexte et surtout, elles font réfléchir plusieurs jours. Chaque fois que je termine une rencontre, je sens que j’ai de meilleures bases pour les prochaines étapes de mon organisation. On s’est donné ensemble un mandat et on le respect.  Avec toi, ce n’est pas un « Check » sur le calendrier, j’ai vite compris que le temps est précieux et qu’il doit être productif.  On prend soins de bien exprimer le contrat au départ.  C’est mieux des plus petites rencontres puissantes que de longs échanges cédulés à l’agenda

  • Ce qui m’a tout de suite interpellée par Roula c’est la puissance de la relation qui s’est installée dès la première rencontre. 
  • Je recommande Roula pour son expertise en communication, son écoute et la qualité de ses questions adaptées aux besoins énoncés au départ. PATRICIA GIRARD   -  Présidente PLAN MONARK -Quebec- Canada


NB: You can find more on my LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coach-roula-eid-sawan-orscc-pcc-ceo-team-in-motion-aa666330/

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